M-indicator App Now Allows You To See Where Your Train Is, Here's How


How to know where is Mumbai local train using m-Indicator: The new m-Indicator all update enables users to know and share the live location of any local train

Written By Tanmay Patange | Mumbai | Updated On:
m-indicator live tracking

Do you travel in Mumbai local trains every day? Chances are, you are already familiar with one app that makes travelling across Mumbai's busiest Central, Western and Harbour lines a lot less confusing. We are talking about an app called m-Indicator. While the m-Indicator app has all the information to offer at your fingertips, it also offers the train timings, fares, stops and more. Besides the list of the existing features it offers, m-Indicator is currently testing a new (or rather major) feature. Well, it will not only tell you where your train is, but it will also inform you if your train is running behind its schedule. Republic World has an early-access to m-Indicator's live train tracking feature. We tell you everything you need to know about it.

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How it works

m-Indicator seeks access to your phone's location to make its live train tracking feature work. On the main screen of the, you will find a new option called 'Share Live Train Position'. Upon tapping the option, it will prompt you to register for what it calls 'Social service while travelling by train'. Now, choose your Google account email address and mobile number to continue.

How to share your live train location with others

Step 1: After you have registered yourself, m-Indicator will prompt you to add your regular trains. Add source and destination railway stations to get the list of scheduled trains on your route. You can add as many preferred trains as you want.

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Step 2: Once you board the train, select your regular train under 'My Trains' tab. Switch the slider to 'Yes' to share your live location, next to the question 'Are you inside this train?' 

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Once you board the train, switch the slider to 'yes'. It automatically changes the slider to 'no' after you reach your destination. This way, m-Indicator will receive live local train location that you share. m-Indicator says it will share your train location with lakhs of m-Indicator users using the app. Interestingly enough, m-Indicator doesn't allow users to share the train's live location before the time of its departure or after it has completed its journey. Over the next few days, we will be testing this feature in detail. So, stay tuned for more updates.

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