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MobiKwik Denies Data Leak: How To Check MobiKwik Data Breach?

MobiKwik denies data leak although tons of evidence points otherwise. Here is everything you need to know about how to check MobiKwik data leak online. Read


Users of MobiKwik are enraged and confuse after hearing the recent news about the organisation's data getting allegedly breached. However, the organisation has currently denied all such allegations even though many cybersecurity researchers reported about the incident on several social platforms. As per the researchers, this users data is completely available for access by hackers through a dedicated search engine. If you have been using this payment app for a long time, and you have been wondering about the MobiKwik data leak, then here is all you need to know.

MobiKwik denies data leak allegations

The Gurugram-based payments portal has completely denied all the allegations about a data breach. However, cybersecurity experts have shown numerous evidence over 8.2TB in size of data getting leaked on the Dark Web. The group of hackers who have been allegedly accessing this data for quite a while now has made it accessible through a search engine that suggests some of the leaked data elements. The MobiKwik data breach includes details such as names, phone numbers, email IDs, card details and more. A Twitter user called Rajshekhar Rajaharia mentioned the number of affected users by writing, "11 crore Indian cardholder's cards data including personal details & KYC soft copy has been leaked".

However, it seems that the authorities of MobiKwik have been investigated the matter and in a recent Tweet, the organisation said that - "a media-crazed so-called security researcher has repeatedly over the last week presented concocted files wasting precious time of our organization while desperately trying to grab media attention. We thoroughly investigated his allegations and did not find any security lapses." The organisation also said that it is going to take legal action against the security researcher.

Later, a well-known French security researcher, Robert Baptiste is also known as Elliot Alderson backed Rajshekhar Rajaharia's claims. He also provided the details about the search engine that was purportedly created by the group of hackers on the Dark Web. 

How to check MobiKwik data leak?

Many users have personally checked if their data is part of the alleged MobiKwik data breach by following the instructions given below -

  • All you need to do is download Tor browser which is a free and open-source web browser and it will help you to anonymously browse the web. 
  • Copy this link (http://mobikwikoonux37wauz6oqymshuvebj5u763rutlogc2fb2o3ugcazid.onion/?fbclid=IwAR2WYnx4XcQIHTo6AU97a7s2L-eaUy-M30nHZlfhDwbBD3_ThL4KXPffpfQ) and paste it on your Tor Browser to access Mobikwik data leak. 
  • Now, search your name or number in the list. 
  • If you are unable to find your details, then your data is safe, However, if you find out your data, you need to immediately contact your bank and block your cards.


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