Mozilla Firefox For IOS Updated To Introduce Split Screen For IPad, And More


If you are an Apple iPad user, then Mozilla Firefox is now updated to offer features like the Split screen functionality and more.

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If you are an Apple iPad user, then Mozilla Firefox is now updated to offer features like the Split screen functionality that has for long been a demand from the iPad user community. This means that you should no be able to view two apps/documents side-by-side on your tablets, hence making it potentially easier to multitask.

“Divide your screen between Slack and Firefox to stay on top of conversations or look at Google Maps while you plan your next road trip,” stated folks at Mozilla in an official blog post.

Other new enhancements of the updated Firefox for iOS include:

Displaying, multiple open tabs, in the form of tiles. This means that it should be relatively easy to manage all open tabs and see through these to consume content accordingly. Also, the old-boring open tabs icon may give way to slick tile-like icons to indicate open tabs.

Another notable feature in the updated Firefox (for iOS) application is the ability to launch Private Browsing in just a single click. To open Private Browsing, look down at the left-hand corner of the lower end of the browser window and just click the purple icon that represents the all-new Private Browsing aspect.

“Microsoft Outlook for iOS does let you decide which browser you want to open your email links. Outlook users can now set Firefox as their default,” added Mozilla.

Along with the above, there are newer keyboard shortcuts in case you prefer to use an external keyboard interface with your iPads. Popular/dominant Apple Mac shortcuts could be used while operating Firefox (for iOS) as well.

In addition to the above features, there is also a custom night mode, along with a dark theme. Mozilla Firefox for iOS could be obtained officially from here.

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