Mozilla Firefox Lockbox: How To Keep Your Passwords Safe


How to use Firefox Lockbox app: Mozilla has announced a new app called Lockbox. As the name suggests, it is a password manager app designed for Firefox users

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Mozilla has announced a new app called Lockbox. As the name suggests, it is a password manager app designed for Firefox users. Firefox Lockbox password manager is now available for download from the Play Store as well as the App Store. We put Firefox Lockbox to test and based on our findings, here’s how it works.

How to get started with Firefox Lockbox

  1. Once you finish downloading the Lockbox on your phone, open the app and tap the option ‘Get started.’
  2. Enter your email address to sync your Firefox passwords across all your devices.
  3. Set the password

If you have used LastPass, you must be familiar with this sign-up process. Follow all the on-screen instructions to finish the initial sign-up process.

Similar to LastPass or any other password manager app out there, Lockbox operates on the principle of syncing logins from Firefox browser to Lockbox app, similar to how Google autofill remembers all your logins and passwords stored in Google Chrome. Inside Firefox browser, log in to your account using the same login credentials used to create Lockbox account.

If you are a desktop user, go to Preferences > Firefox account. Log in to your account and tick the Logins checkbox in Sync settings. Similarly, iOS and Android users need to go to Settings via the gear icon > Sign in to sync.

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How to save passwords in Firefox Lockbox

  1. Log in to your account from both - the Firefox web browser as well as Lockbox.
  2. Enter new login information or sign in to new apps or services via the web browser.

Your logins will be synced and stored into Lockbox. However, you need to ensure that you are logged in to your Lockbox account in the first place.

How to manually sync passwords in Firefox Lockbox

  1. Open Firefox browser and sign in to your account.
  2. Sync your login entries by tapping the option ‘Lockbox Tester.’
  3. Android and iOS users can tap the option ‘Sync now’ to manually sync all their login entries.

Sometimes, it is possible that your passwords may not sync with Lockbox for some reasons. In that case, all you need to do is manually syncing your login details to Lockbox. 

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