Mumbai Rains 3.0 Trends On Social Media, Even As Online Food Ordering/Delivery Apps Work Almost Like Normal During Intense Seasons 

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The latest round of rains in Mumbai – aka Mumbai Rains 3.0 have now become a social media trend with a wide section of netizens calling it welcome whilst sharing images to convey these aspects, As of now, there has been a forecast of more rains for the city. In this regard, it only becomes imperative to check out prominent tweets from Twitterati on the Mumbai rains, these also serve as potential warnings in case of floods in specific areas: 

Mumbai Rains 3.0 send Twitterati into a frenzy 








At this juncture, it is worth remembering that the earlier rains in Mumbai were also social media trends, and in these rains, online food ordering/delivery applications (apps) do work almost like normal; a delivery partner delivering a birthday cake during the earlier iteration of the Mumbai rains went viral on social media with some netizens even vouching for the safety of food delivery partners from various aggregators.  

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