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Netflix Mobile+ Plan For India: Here's All You Need To Know About The New Netflix Plan

Netflix mobile+ Plan has been released for testing in India and is creating a huge userbase. Check out the Netflix Mobile+ Plan price in India and its features.

netflix mobile+ plan

Netflix is one of the pioneers of OTT streaming platforms, and it has become so popular that many people have made it a synonym for streaming anything at home. Netflix has provided its users with an escape, that holds a plethora of content for the users to get involved in. They also constantly develop their app and services to provide more for their user base. The company has released a Netflix mobile+ Plan in India and many want to learn more about it.

Netflix mobile+ Plan for India

Netflix already has a mobile plan in India, but now they have released an upgraded version for a slightly higher price and with more features. The Netflix Mobile+ Plan will now let the user stream content through a laptop, the mobile plan only allows the users to stream through their smartphone and tablets only. The Netflix Mobile+ plan also provides users with a better quality of video resolution. This plan is still in the test phase.

Netflix Mobile+ Plan Price in India

Many have been wondering about the new Netflix Mobile+ Plan Price in India. It is a proper upgrade to the mobile plan and costs only slightly more. The Netflix Mobile+ Plus plan costs INR 299 monthly in India, which is only INR100 more than the mobile plan, but with more features and better video quality.

Netflix Mobile+ Plan Features

As mentioned earlier, the Netflix Mobile+ Plan Features are an upgrade to the mobile plan. The user can still stream on only one screen at a time with this plan, but now they can use more devices to enjoy their content. The Netflix Mobile+ Plus plan will add Laptops as a compatible device so the users can now stream content through laptops too, in the mobile plan the users could only use their smartphones or tablets to stream Netflix. One more substantial upgrade that will attract more users is better video quality. The Mobile Plus plan will show higher resolution videos as compared to the Mobile plan.

Netflix in India

Netflix has been in the Indian market for a long time and has been studying its usage patterns. According to these studies they have curated plans such as Netflix Mobile+ Plan. They will test this plan in the Indian markets and release the final version according to the response they get. Netflix has been testing out other features in India too such as Netflix Shuffle Play.

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