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Netflix Testing Rs 299 Mobile + Plan In India; Allows Users To Stream In HD On One Screen

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming services in the world but their HD plans in India have been a little overpriced. Netflix has come up with a new 299 plan


Netflix has grown into one of the biggest streaming services in the world, over the years. It has tough competition from the likes of Disney and Amazon but has managed to be the service with the most number of subscribers all over the world. The company is testing a new Netflix 299 plan for India. Read on know more about new Netflix plans and what they offer.

What Do Subscribers Get In Netflix 299 Plan? 

This new Netflix subscription plan for Rs 299 has been named the Mobile+ plan. In this latest Netlfix plan, subscribers can stream HD shows and movies on one screen at a time, on any device of their choices like mobiles, laptops, tablets, or pc. This new plan is still in a test phase and is available to only a select few customers across India. If Netflix gets a good response from this plan they might introduce the plan officially in the whole country. A Netflix spokesperson said in a statement, “We launched the mobile plan in India to make it easier for anyone with a smartphone to enjoy Netflix. We want to see if members like the added choice Mobile+ brings. We’ll only roll it out long-term if they do,” 

This isn't Netflix's first foray into mobile or cheaper plans. In 2019, Netflix came up with the Rs 199 plan. This is the cheapest plan Netflix offers in India that allows users to stream SD content on a mobile screen or a tablet. It should be noted that users cannot use this plan to stream content on their laptops, TVs or PCs. However, India has a huge market of mobile Netflix users who have HD phones or access to computers. Netflix has made the Rs 299 plan specifically for this audience so that they can enjoy HD content without breaking their wallets. 

This new plan will also give good competition to existing streaming services like Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Zee, Sony and Voot who all have cheaper plans for Indian subscribers. Netflix has a huge library of content which includes Netflix original shows along with a lot of popular films and TV shows and it clearly stands apart from the competition when it comes to the quality and quantity of content. So, if this new plan is successful, Netflix may possibly add a whole lot more subscribers in the Indian market. 

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