New Google Feature To Help Users In “Learning To Pronounce” Phrases Rumoured To Be On The Cards

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  • Larn to pronounce is yet to be made official, and rumoured for now
  • Once official, the Learn to Pronounce could offer both American and British English accent pronounciations

Search engine giant Google is now said to be looking at bettering the way in which netizens pronounce spellings of certain terms. This feature is now rumoured to be in beta.

As per Android Police, users should be able to notice a “Learn to pronounce” menu appearing below a word that is seemingly complex to pronounce; in addition to the already existing "how to pronounce" feature in Google.. Clicking on the former apparently displays the exact pronunciation of the term as interpreted by Google in both its American and British forms.

In this phase, the definition of the search term would also reportedly be displayed. However, when we checked out both web as well as Android mobile app, the feature had seemingly not rolled out. But going by the latest Android Police report, it seems that this rollout would be phased; at this juncture, even Google is yet to make public the feature. Hence, it could take a while for a wider community of Google users to view the apparent Learn to Pronounce functionality.

Nonetheless, in case the learn to pronounce feature does make it officially to Google’s web services (and mobile) platforms, it could potentially do a world of good for global reveilles travelling across continents and countries to master the right pronunciation of vital words/phrases thereby avoiding trouble.

In related developments, Google is all set to advance shutdown of its Google+ social media service after another bug which reportedly allowed access to nearly 52 million user accounts by a bug which has been taken down and quarantined to prevent leakage of vital user data. Google, after investigating the issue deeply stated that users need not worry and backup all their confidential data to brace up for the shutdown of the service in April 2019.

David Thacker- Vice President of Product Management at Google G-Suite stated in an official blog post, “ In addition, we have also decided to accelerate the sunsetting of consumer Google+ from August 2019 to April 2019. While we recognize there are implications for developers, we want to ensure the protection of our users.”

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