Noted Google YouTube Feature Set To Disappear 


The Google feature, allowing YouTube users to send messages, is all set to go. This process completes before 18 September 2019.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

The Google feature, allowing YouTube users to send messages to friends, is all set to go. This process completes before 18 September 2019 which means that you have less than a month to save a backup copy of all your messages. If you are using YouTube from an Android smartphone, do check out below to view and then subsequently manage your YouTube conversations.  In case you want to save chats, you could do so and the resultant storage format is a “.zip” file. 

To begin saving your Messages on YouTube, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Navigate to this link 

Step 2: Within the YouTube Sub Section, choose “All data included” to choose your desired message data 

Step 3: Deselect all data except for "Chats". 

Step 4: Click OK 

Step 5: Then, select “Next Step” 

Step 6: Choose, “Creative Archive” 

Step 7: You would get an email, upon you archive being ready 

Step 8: Finally, download all chats as a “.zip” file 

In related aspects, if you are on an Android smartphone, then follow the below steps to view all conversations you started within the YouTube application (app): 

Step 1: Go to the Inbox tab  

Step 2: Select Messages 

Step 3: Choose the chat you’d like to see. 

Finally, it is worth remembering YouTube’s totally hilarious reply to Zomato India’s “Ghar Ka Khana” tweet. The video streaming service stated, “Guys, kabhi kabhi raat ke 3 baje, phone side pe rakh ke jaana chahiye.” The above tweet by YouTube even went viral with Twitterati taking into it and coming out with their own version of replies to Zomato India. Finally, YouTube could have a competitor in the form of the Flipkart Videos which have been recently announced. The new service would come to both Google Android and Apple iOS devices.  

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