Over 50% Of Parents In India Don't Know How To Ensure Their Kid's Safety And Privacy Online: Study


New research has revealed dynamics between parent and child when it comes to ensuring children safety and privacy on the internet

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New research has revealed dynamics between parent and child when it comes to ensuring children's  safety and privacy on the internet. More than 50 per cent of parents are at risk of endangering their children's online safety and privacy, according to new research by OLX India. The research also draws attention to some interesting findings.

While many respondents were under confident in understanding ways to make sure their own safety and privacy online, 61 per cent respondents said that they have created enough awareness among their children when it comes to online safety and privacy.

While parents understand the need to stay safe online, they also lack practical know-how, tools and practices in order to ensure their Internet safety and privacy. The research reveals parents merely assume of being adequately educated concerning internet safety and more often than not, they are not able to direct their children.

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Commenting on the research findings, Akanksha Dhamija, Director, Customer Centricity, OLX India, had this to say:

"Parents are usually the primary sources of information for kids, especially in their younger years. The way parents conduct themselves online, largely impacts the next generation of internet users most of whom are youngsters."

"With ever-evolving cyber threats, digital literacy is a must-have skill that parents must acquire and inculcate in their kids. The study clearly indicates the perceived gap that exists in the know how to be safe online, not awareness," Dhamija added.

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Previously, another study revealed that a majority of Internet users underestimate cybersecurity in their own personal lives and do not control or monitor online content consumed by their kids. 57 per cent respondents were negligent towards their own online safety while 60 per cent admitted to not monitoring what their viewed online.

The new research was commissioned to understand digital literacy habits among other parenting related aspects. Other than digital literacy, the research also discovers other interesting dynamics around the quality of time spent together and more. The research led 4000 parents across Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune to participate in the study.

As per the survey, children's ability to pressurise parents into buying them product has now moved online shopping decisions too. Younger parents between the age group 25-35 report higher levels of pestering for online shopping than older parents.

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