PUBG: After Uninhabited City, Venezia 2.0 Map Concept Teased, Add To Player Expectations


A Venezia 2.0 concept map that has surfaced adding to earlier rumours about Venezia. These are concepts that are yet to be officially confirmed by PUBG.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

PUBG maps are now the subject of constant attention considering the fact that rumour mills are now abuzz with expectations regarding newer maps coming to the fore. But not all could be newer maps, there are some concept maps as well that have officially been teased. Following this is a Venezia 2.0 concept map that has surfaced adding to earlier rumours about Venezia (Venezia 1.0).

Now, renowned PUBG tipster going by the moniker Mr. GHOST Gaming via a new YouTube video has shown off a concept map with the nomenclature Venezia 2.0 created by IamEzalor. As per the tipster the Venezia 2.0, reportedly deriving inspiration from the Italian city of Venice, is a 4x4 map.

Gauging the concepts of this map, the Venezia 2.0 seems to be another island-like location; though not exactly resembling an island. A new map, even when rumoured, naturally gives off an impression of newer gameplay features hitting the game proper.

But, at this juncture, Venezia is still conceptual and not confirmed by PUBG; nonetheless, loyalists of the game have expressed desires to check out and explore new maps based on a variety of concepts.

With Venezia being a concept, it should do no harm to check out the vehicles that could be added to it. In fact, Mr. GHOST Gaming in his assessment of the concept states that there are as many as 4 new vehicles applicable to the map; these include the likes of a Fiat 500, a  couple of motor scooters, and even a bicycle. The weapon-set include (concepts) the likes of a Beretta ARX 160, an unnamed shotgun, a HK-P11 Underwater Pistol, and a crate of C-4 explosives.

In other PUBG map related updates, not too long ago an uninhabited city-like map concept surfaced. This was created by Peridonkle; and gauging this map, it is imminent that the gameplay offered would be a lot innovative and a relief to the eyes of players used to checking out regions filled with snow, and a desert. Click here to check the out details of this concept map.

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