PUBG: Clan System Might Get Introduced On PC Just Like PUBG Mobile


After the mobile version, PUBG is planning to launch the clan system in their PC mode. The news came to limelight after the recent data miner report. Know more

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It is great news for gamers and PUBG lovers since PlayerUnknown's Battle Ground is planning to bring a Clan System for PC. According to the data miner, PUBG for PC recently rolled out its 5.1 patches and Clan system for PC is on its way. The data miner is an active contributor for the entire PUBG community and it has been deliberately accurate with the previous leaks.

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PUBG: Clan system on PC

According to the recent reports of data miner, the clan on PUBG PC will be capable of accommodating 20 players in each clan, just like the mobile version of the game. If you want to set up your clan in PUBG PC version, you have to pay a particular cost. According to PUBG mobile, a single-player had to spend 50,000 gold coins in order to set up a clan. There are no official reports about the amount one needs to spend in the PC version but as per rumours, the exact cost will be at least 5000 BPS for setting up a clan in the PC version.

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As per reports, the new PC clan mode will have new exciting features and there is a huge probability for a new rank mode being linked to the game along with the new update. The name of the clan can have 2 to 15 characters, while the tag should also have a name within 2 to 4 characters. If this is not enough, a slogan having a maximum of 30 characters and 180 characters of the presentation can also be added further. PUBG players will be capable of submitting their resumes containing in-game status while applying for a particular clan. Though there is no official report of how it is going to work, according to PUBG players and gaming universe, the resume and recruitment options will be similar to the PUBG mobile version.

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PUBG: Clan System in mobile version

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