PUBG: East Erangel Crate Loot Keys Now Rumoured To Be Disabled In Some Regions


Purchase of loot keys in The Netherlands as well as Belgium is now reportedly banned due to legal restrictions.

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The PUBG Update 25 that introduces the East Erangel Police crate could now offer lots to cheer for players. For starters, the crate introduces the AKM -Industrial Security weapon requires a key to unlock the crate which reportedly costs roughly a little over $2 (Rs 150 approx.).

Now, as per renowned PUBG tipster Slick PUBG who through a new YouTube video quotes an apparently new tweet by PUBG (picked up on Reddit) that indicates that purchase of the key, by shelling out money, ran into  a ban in the countries of Belgium and the Netherlands due to legal restrictions with respect to “loot boxes”; this means that players in these regions should essentially be able to access the East Erangel Crate potentially without having to worry about the key. The loot keys have now been disabled in these regions.

Also, for the new crates, Slick PUBG believes that there would be no loot box key purchases required as trade-ins and dealings are now banned as far as the game is concerned. The loot box keys, within PUBG, could also be done away with in other regions in case the purchase of keys (trade-ins) are considered as gambling by respective governments in these regions.

In this regard, if you are  PUBG players in the Netherlands as well as Belgium regions, do check if the loot box keys for East Erangel Crate have been disabled.

In related PUBG updates, the Zombie mode for the mobile variant of the game (PUBG Mobile) could be arriving as early as within February 10. Now, a renowned tipster recently made claims about zombies as playable characters hitting PUBG Mobile in the very near future. This could be as part of the 0.11.0 update. Once done, players should be able to deal with both humans as well as zombies as playable characters and do battle - meaning potentially the debut of increased gore.

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