PUBG Lite Beta Now Expanding Widely, Unlocks On Low-end PCs


PUBG Lite beta is now in many other countries of the world. It unlocks core PUBG experiences even on low-end PCs across the world. Have you played the game yet?

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

PUBG Lite beta that takes core experiences of PlayerUknwon’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) to low-end computers, is now widely rolling out in as many as 50 countries across the world as an open beta. This rollout is now official. Seeding of the PUBG Lite open beta has already begun. With this rollout, PUBG Lite beta is now increasingly accessible across many geographies of the world.  

PUBG Lite beta expanding

As far as the exact countries, experiencing the new rollout is concerned, these include the likes of Italy, France, Georgia, the United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, Hungary, Greece, Germany, and more. The full list of these countries could be checked out here. The game’s open beta was made live in India, after an extended period of time, during July this year. With the title’s open beta now becoming widely global, newer aspects introduced by it include the likes of the Tiger M46 battle vehicle and the Cheetah Parachute. If you are new to the open beta of PUBG Lite beta, do check out system requirements below. 

  • Operating system (OS) – Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 10, or Windows 8  OSes   
  • Required graphics card - Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics     
  • Minimum RAM – 4GB at least     
  • Minimum Processor – At least 2.4GHz Intel Core i3      
  • Hard disk storage required – At least 4GB of storage. 

In related PUBG news, the update 0.15.0 to PUBG Mobile is slated to go live on 616 October to all players. This update introduces the all-important ledge grab functionality, along with the new Payload Mode. This new Payload Mode lets players use heavy machinery and battle weapons and even control helicopters. Gauging social media reactions, gamers are all set to embrace the Update 0.15.0 with open arms. PUBG Mobil, ever since it went live in India has come under some intense criticism with critics calling the game violent and aggressive. But the game has also brought to light, on global stages, eSports talents from India.  

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