PUBG Lite: Do You Feel That The Battle Royale Game Deserves A Release In India Atleast Now, Which Could Be The Next Regions


PUBG Lite deserves to get a release in India, like in the other Asian countries.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

The PUBG Lite which introduces PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for PC gamers across the world would do itself a favour by seeding to its loyalists in India. This is because the game recently went to three more regions, in addition to the existing regions, where gamers can check out the title on even their low-end computers. These regions are comprising of the likes of Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan - which are all major gaming hubs, but what about India?

India consideration for PUBG should happen at least now

In India, the game has made both positive as well as negative news; with the latter dominating media headlines relatively frequently. This includes the likes of an 11-year old boy filing a court petition seeking instructions to ban the game for being offensive and promoting violence. There have been other instances where the game - especially PUBG Mobile has been considered more than once for a ban even at state governmental levels.

This has definitely lead to the folks behind PUBG taking notice; now, if the folks have decided to withhold the release of PUBG Lite (that is currently in beta) for the above reasons then it is truly good, but if there are other reasons then it would not be an exaggeration to state that the game deserves to be released to the players in India.

Since PUBG Lite would be a watered-down variant of the core Player Unknown Battlegrounds, there is every possibility that the game comes with comparatively lesser violence and gore than it currently features. The PUBG Lite also seemingly offers a platform for the creators to showcase a less-gory-filled side of PUBG.

Which could be the next regions for PUBG Lite beta

With countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia having received PUBG lite - as a beta, India should theoretically be the next in the list of countries for which the computer version of PUBG unlocks. Positively as well, India deserves to be the next region to receive PUBG Lite beta.

The game, despite negative news, continues to be popular in India. The game topped most of the charts/ratings in 018 and continue sto find a wider audience in 2019 as well. At this juncture, it is worth noting that Apex Legends- a new battle royale entrant, has also been making headlines as of now and this lets gamers play on PCs. This factor should potentially add substance to PUBG’s efforts to release PUBG Lite for computers in India. After all, getting addicted to games should be based on individual discretion, isn’t it?

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