PUBG Live PC Servers Undergo Marathon 7-Hour Maintenance, Update 30 Playable Only After This, Twitterati Go Berserk 

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) update 30 could now be playable on PCs only after a newest round of maintenance on live servers. If you are a PUBG player, do check if you could play the game in tandem with the newest update as the maintenance activity could now have come to an end.  

As per an official PUBG tweet, posted 9 hours ago, the server maintenance should now be complete, after a 7-hour activity. In this regard, the update should now be available for players on PCs. Check out what PUBG stated earlier, concerning Update 30: 



Twitterati get annoyed 

As soon as PUBG put out the above tweet, Twitterati expressed anguish on the relatively longer 7-hour maintenance activity. Check out hilarious Twitter reactions concerning the Update 30 going live on PC live servers: 








In addition to the above, Twitterati have also indicated that the update is now complete potentially requiring a check of the playability status.  



Update 30 to PUBG 

The update 30 introduces newer elements, to core PUBG such as the LedgeGrab gameplay, BRDM 2 vehicle, Deagle pistol, and the Improved gas Guns among other enhancements.  

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