PUBG Mobile: 5 Tricks That You Could Try Out Now


PUBG Mobile newer adapters could find these tricks useful to ensure potentially effective gaming on mobile phones. PUBG for PS4 could be launched on December 7.

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PUBG Mobile: 5 Tricks That You Could Try Out Now

When PUBG’s release date for PS4 is highly expected to be on December 7 along with that of the Vikendi snow map, it only becomes imminent that first-timers to the game be informed about essential tips to play effectively on mobiles. Now, it is worth noting that the game is available for Android and iOS platforms.

With effective PUBG tips being the criteria, first-game gamers could check out the below tips to indulge in gaming intuitively.Some of these are also recommended by renowned game tipsters, including YouTuber going by the moniker Clash Universe.

One basic tip is to conceal yourself in the tree near the School Building, to easily spot and destroy enemies without being spotted.

While at the bridge, it is recommended to hide behind abandoned cars, to neutralize enemies.

An important tip, here, is while attempting to destroy enemies by hurling grenades, it is vital that you hold the grenade for at least a few moments before hurling it. This reportedly ensures that the enemy cannot escape by running.

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You could use your grenades as baits for enemies. Simply hurl a grenade at where you think your enemies are hidden and they should come out automatically.

Always consume energy drinks. Taking adrenaline injections also does wonders for your overall health; bosting it..

At this instant, it is worth noting that PUBG has been extremely popular since its release. The game’s is now up for pre-orders for PS4 users in the US.

In game related developments, the SOny PS5 could be launched in 2019 followed by a release in 2020.Sony is also rumoured to be gearing up to launch the next-gen PS5 during its PSX event next year. These add substance to the fact that Sony is set to skip the E3 2019.

However, Microsoft would be at the E3 2019 where it teased that there would be “lots to share” with enthusiasts. This could potentially translate into positive development as far as games and gaming hardware is concerned.

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