PUBG Mobile: Effective Tips To Detect Undesirable In-Game Enemies, For Beginners


Check out a guide to effectively detect enemies in PUBG Mobile.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile (PUBG Mobile) is undoubtedly popular in India, one seemingly major advantage that the game enjoys in the country is the data/smartphone penetration in the region. Almost all major smartphone brands have considered India as being amongst their top priorities as far as launching phones customized to the local scheme of things is concerned. In this scenario, it only becomes imminent that an increased number of players take to playing PUBG Mobile.

To cater to new players, and early adapters, we have listed below a guide recommended by renowned PUBG gamer going by the YouTube moniker Mr Ghost Gaming with respect to spotting undesirable elements/enemies in PUBG Mobile:

Firstly, while playing, you should check if the game starts to show minor lag-like in-game sensation. Now, these lags need not be misunderstood for performance/hardware issues; these are to indicate the presence of enemies within your vicinity.

Mr Ghost Gaming states that the degree of lag depends on the number of enemies; which means that more the enemies, greater the lag-like in-game sensation. Hence, do check for these in-game.

Then, it is also relatively easy to detect crouching players who attack unexpectedly. To do this, you could tweak your in-game graphics settings to and lower these. Here, the tipster states that with lowered in-game graphics, there would be no rendering of the grass - which should theoretically enable you to spot crouching enemies. Here, you should remember to be in the crouched position.

Now, these tips deserve checking out in the real world; hence, you could share your insights on being able to spot enemies effectively in PUBG Mobile. You could also share newer detection strategies in case these aid in effective detection of undesirable in-game elements.

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