PUBG Mobile: How To Download PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Old Version For Your Android, And Play


Play PUBG Mobile old version on your Android, and relive nostalgia, experience.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, a.k.a PUBG Mobile has sure received probably more than the traction levels than its creators and publishers anticipated, in India, is slated to receive newer updates which players expect to introduce multiple aspects such as newer weapons, vehicles, characters, and more. However, in case you are a PUBG Mobile player desirous of reliving nostalgia or just feel like checking out how the previous iterations of the game were, you could now download the older versions of PUBG for mobile.

PUBG Mobile old version download

There are official download link sources, for the PUBG Mobile old version. These can be download from here. The versions contained in this official download repository start from Version 0.3.2 till the Version 0.11.0. These are the files of the PUBG Exhilarating international variant.

PUBG Mobile - newer updates

Once you have checked out the older version of PUBG Mobile, and have moved on to the newer variant of the game, within your smartphone,s then you should know that in case you encountered the door glitches whilst checking out the gameplay; then, this problem is said to have been fixed now via a patch.

This means that you should now be able to effectively open/close, and even use doors as shields from enemy fire. Earlier, reportedly, the doors did not operate as normal apparently leading to these even getting stuck. Hence, as of now, it is worth checking out the doors now in PUBG Mobile. If you think that you are still experiencing glitches or think that the issue has been resolved, do share with us in our comments section below.

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