PUBG Mobile: How To Find And Collect Snowballs, Check Out If These Could Be Used To Destroy In-Game Bots


How to accumulate snowballs in PUBG Mobile, and is it possible to destroy bots through snowballs?

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

If you are an early adapter of PUBG Mobile, then it is essential that you pick up vital in-game skills through which effective gameplay could actually be accomplished in reality; and this promises not to stay as a pipe dream anymore. With skill-building being the criteria, you could check out on whether it is possible to kill bots through snowballs that deserve prior accumulation.

With killing a bot with snowballs as focal point, it is vital that you get to know how to gather snowballs before even using these for other external purposes. Here, renowned tipster going by the moniker of Derek G through a YouTube video states that it would be vital for gamers to resort to gathering snowballs in the pre-match lobby. Remember that snowballs cannot be collected in conventional matches.

Once you are in the pre-match lobby, check for snowballs, gather these. Derek G also states that gamers could even find the snowballs and hide them. Once you gather enough number of snowballs, do get inside a house and hide these. Once you are in the actual match, and in case you have hidden snowball inside a house, you should be able to find the location of this place during the actual match. You could then check this location out to get the hidden snowballs.

Derek G, through his video, actually states that the above method of accumulating snowballs actually works.

After the above, when you encounter bots; to tell a bot from a human, do remember that the former does not inflict damage and behave in the same way as that of a human enemy in-game character. Also, bots do not seem to run out of ammunition. Derek G’S video also indicates the fact that it may not be possible to destroy bots through snowballs; here, the tipster also resorted to inflicting multiple headshots on the bot; but the “humanoid” could not be killed. Hence, in this regard, do share your thoughts on newer, unconventional approaches to killing bots in PUBG Mobile.

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