PUBG Mobile: How To Kill Zombies Easily Like A Pro In Update 0.11.0, WIth Simple Tricks


If you are PUBG Mobile player, exploring the new update 0.11.0 zombies mode, then check out 5 simple tricks to mercilessly slaughter zombie creatures.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile) which was very recently hit by the Update 0.11.0 zombies update naturally takes the gameplay to another level altogether. At this juncture, it only becomes natural for early adapters, and players of PUBG Mobile alike to check out tips on how to play the zombies mode effectively.

In this regard, check out below simple tricks employing which you could destroy zombies completely like a pro:

Aim for headshots as much a possible: A headshot ensures that zombies die instantly. Hence instead of shooting at body parts of zombies such as hips, hands, and even legs, pumping bullets into the head of zombies ensures annihilation.

Hip shooting is also good: With respect to the above headshots to killing the zombies, shooting at the hip of zombies should do a world of good for you to refine your aiming skills. While zombies are not annihilated through a single hip shot, you should b able to nonetheless experience shooting in game and zombies’ behaviour when hurt.

Shooting while on the run: It should do a world of good, for you to practice shooting zombies while on the run in case you are out in the open field during night. When you learn to shoot on the run, you could potentially pick up skills such as recoil control of your weapons. These newly acquired skills could potentially help you in your pursuit of zombies.

Usage of shotguns: Shotguns really come in handy in the zombie mode as these help in eliminating zombies through a single shot (when aimed properly - headshots work as well).

Work in teams: Stay connected with your team to ensure that you could trick zombies, rather than while on individual combat. Teamwork should potentially help you in elevating your gameplay.
If you are a new PUBG Mobile player, click here to navigate to the Google Play Store and download the game - thereby check out the zombies mode.

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