PUBG Mobile Lists New Cheaters, How To Stay Away From Illegalities


PUBG Mobile has released its latest list of cheaters whose ids are banned for a period of 10 years. In this regard, check out how you could not cheat in-game.

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PUBG mobile

PUBG Mobile has released its latest list of cheaters whose ids are banned from the game for a period of 10 years. Here, it is vital for PUBG Mobile players to remember that all in-game gameplay activities and playing styles are under surveillance by folks at PUBG Mobile. Suspicious activities in-game would instantly be identified, and such players banned from the game. Do avoid using shortcuts to excel in PUBG Mobile.  

Do not cheat 

Now, in case you are wondering as to how to avoid getting banned. Remember not to use unauthorized third-party applications (apps) and cheat codes. Then, refrain from using hacks in PUBG Mobile. These hacks are often found on websites across the internet. These are not official and resorting to these hacks and playing would lead to players getting banned.  

Also, in case you notice other players using shortcuts such as very easily getting headshots (without the rigours of proper aiming), the onus would be on you to report such cheaters. In case you do not report such incidents, your gameplay could take a hit leading to you even losing the game and being shot (and killed). Most importantly, third-party hacks are the culprit in PUBG Mobile. Always discourage players from using these, use only known tricks and official mechanisms to go through the rigours of the battle-royale game effectively. If you are desirous of checking out the latest cheats, click here.  

In related PUBG news, the update .3 to PUBG PC is now live. This brings the Survival Mastery feature which potentially sharpens players’ in-game skills such as survival and combat. In this update, there is also the all-important DBS double-barrel shotgun. Finally, the update brings improvements to zombie mode by making the zombies better actually. This aspect needs to be checked out practically rather than a mere listing. Hence, check out the game (with the Survival Mastery feature) now.  

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