PUBG Mobile Update 0.11.0: Easy Hacks To Effortlessly Tackle Zombies In Order To Kill Them


If you are now playing the Zombies update 0.11.0 in PUBG Mobile, it is worth surviving zombies in order to kill them. Check out easy steps in which you could accomplish this.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

The update 0.11.0 introducing zombies to the mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is seeding and widely available to players on smartphones. At this juncture, it only becomes imminent for players - who are now first timers as far as dealing with zombies is concerned, to check out hacks on surviving zombies to in turn enable killing of these creatures.

With survival in the zombies mode being the criteria, check out below simple hacks/tips that should enable you to drift effortlessly through zombies whilst destroying these:

By ensuring speed: In a zombies scenario, in PUBG Mobile, your speed is of utmost importance as half-dead, half-alive creatures come from almost all directions aimlessly to get your soul. Speed of zombies increases in the night mode. Hence, you should master the art of speed at almost the same pace as that of shelling bullets. The easiest way to master speed is to play the survival mode which should enable you practice speed, to navigate through zombies and also kill them strategically with speed; pay them back with their own coin!

Do not neglect meds: Remember that playing the zombies mode translates to utilising your stamina up to the last possible breath. In this scenario, ensure that you inject (and take), all the meds, you collect without fail. Health kits are the key here; these come in handy at the classical modes as well.

Hunt effectively: When in the zombies mode, it is vital that you come out in the open and look for zombies to hunt down, kill. Doing battle outdoors, alongside indoor duels should help you navigate relatively easily through the zombies mode.

In addition to the above, in related updates, the desktop version of PUBG called the PUBG Lite (now in beta) that takes core PUBG experiences to even low-end computers is now in multiple Asian countries which means that it should now be only a matter of time before PUBG loyalists in India get to check out the game’s experiences on PC; it is worth remembering that the game has seeded to countries like Bangladesh and Cambodia; with India also a known base with respect to PUBG players, it definitely makes sense for PUBG’s technical folks to give in to player demands from India as well.

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