PUBG Mobile Update 0.14.0 - How To Address The “Finding Bonus Challenge” Issue


PUBG Mobile Update 0.14.0 desrves deep exploration.

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Find Bonus Challenge in PUBG Mobile

With the Update 0.14.0 to PUBG Mobile now official, it is only natural to check out where to find the Bonus Challenge. If you are a player, then you could find the Bonus Challenge right at the top right of the game screen.  

Now, Update 0.14.0 introduces the Infection update which introduces zombies to the game in an intense manner. The Bonus Challenge, in tandem with zombies, are also definitely worth checking out. At this instant, it is worth remembering that the user interface (UI) and the general look of PUBG Mobile would now be new, but the rewards and UC (in-game cash) offered by PUBG Mobile would remain same.  

Hence, with the Bonus Challenge present at the right of your screens, you should now potentially be able to experience the game more intuitively. Check this aspect out, now.  

Here, Twitterati having played the game had been requesting for easier access to the Bonus Challenge. Check out tweets in this regard: 







Also, with the Update 0.14.0 seeding to PUBG Mobile gamers in India, players should check out the multitude of opportunities for vertical gameplay that are claimed to be offered in the new update (by PUBG Mobile India). If you are a first-time PUBG Mobile player,  the full list of newer features introduced by the Update 0.14.0 to PUBG Mobile definitely deserves exploration.

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