PUBG Mobile: Zombies Mode Release Date Apparently Not Too Far Away From Now


Zombies Mode, within update 0.11.0 is now rumoured to seed to PUBG Mobile as early as in February 2019. This is a result of Resident Evil 2 - PUBG Mobile crossover. Do check out if you are a PUBG player.

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PUBG Mobile players could get the zombies mode as early as within the 11th of February 2019. Here, it is worth noting that the zombies mode is a result of a tie-up between Resident Evil 2 and PUBG Mobile that was announced way back in December 2018.

This means that zombies would be a key part in the upcoming add-on; and now, gaming tipster Mr.GHOST Gaming via a new YouTube video has hinted that the release date of the zombies mode would be “before February 10” which is practically not too far away from now.

PUBG Mobile players would be able to check out zombies via the Update 0.11.0 beta that would be seeded uniformly across the world. Once this update is enabled, players would be able to track down and destroy zombies along with humans; thereby adding more gore into the battle-royale game.

As per Mr.GHOST Gaming, the evil antagonist from Resident Evil 2 could also make an appearance in PUBG Mobile in the zombies mode.

In case you are an early adapter of PUBG Mobile, do check out the game’s trailer here that gives off a real-world feeling. AT this point in time, Vikendi is already high and dry for gamers owning both Xbox one as well as PS4 consoles across the world. This mode introduces an all-new 6x6 island, snow weather mode, new ATV (vehicle), a newer weapon, and a multitude of skins to add flavour to the gameplay in PUBG Mobile.

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