PUBG New Guns: MP5K With Newer Skins Rumoured To Surface Soon


A new update to PUBG could introduce newer weapons, guns, and vehicles.

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After the recent Update 0.11.0 that introduces zombies to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile), there could be another update that could purportedly introduce the much-sought-after (by players, expressed on social platforms) MP5K SMG and newer vehicles. This update, at this point in time, is still rumoured.

As per renowned data minder and game tipster going by the YouTube moniker AllTheNewsIsGoodNews, an MP5K could hit the game but it is not known for sure whether this update would make it to both the mobile as well as console (even PC) versions at the same point of time. The latest apparent tease could even qualify as a concept at this juncture as PUBG players have intensely expressed requirements for newer weapons.

As far as the rumoured MP5k SMG is concerned, the tipster states that there would be three modes viz Auto, Burst, and Single. Along with this weapon, multiple newer skins, including the likes of gas masks, boots, parachutes, and jackets are also rumoured.

In addition to the above, newer vehicles for Vikendi map have also surfaced - via the gaming tipster having the YouTube moniker Mr Ghost Gaming who states that there could be a new car-like vehicle called the Zima replacing the UAZ within Vikendi. The tipster makes mentions about this apparently new vehicle being already live within the test server for PCs.

In fact, the official update page of PUBG also seemingly confirms about Zima being added, via the Update 26, to the test servers. Along with Zima, a new Snowbike has also been added to Vikendi, now on the test servers. This new Snowbike replaces the motorbikes that Vikendi offers.

Finally, Mr Ghost Gaming believes that the above new enhancements would even hit PUBG Mobile; but these developments are yet to be witnessed officially by the game’s technical folks. In this regard, PUBG players could share thoughts/insights on the newer items expected to seed to the game in the not so distant future.

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