PUBG: Riot Shield Release Still On Priority List, Could Come Out Very Soon


The riot shield is still said to be on top of priorities for PUBG. This could come out in the near future as an add-on.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

If you are a Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) player expecting the Riot Shield Weapon, then there is plenty to cheer about as the Riot Shield is on the launch scheme of things at PUBG. For the uninitiated, riot shield was hugely expected to be seeded to PUBG in 2018; now, this process could take place in 2019.

As per renowned gaming tipster Slick PUBG who through a new YouTube video throws light on a tweet by a gamer, concerning riot shield, to which Dan ‘RoboDanjal’ Whittal (Community Manager at PUBG) has responded in the affirmative by stating that significant time was consumed by the developers with respect to sorting out numerous priorities, Whittal also stated that the intention of folks, at PUBG, is still to seed the riot shield.

Now, this confirmation by Whittal undoubtedly raises anticipations amongst the PUBG gaming community who had expressed on numerous forums about the requirement of a riot shield. Also, Whittal made it clear that the shield was on the launch pipeline in 2018, which means that the weapon enforcement (add-on) could seed this year. 2019 has been a year of developments as far as PUBG is concerned; key among these has been the seeding of Vikendi that introduces a plethora of enhancements for gamers.

There are more developments in the pipeline such as the zombies mode that is born as a result of a crossover between PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil 2.

As far as the riot shield is concerned, it definitely makes sense to check out the enforcement especially since the PP-Bizon is now live for gamers. In this regard, if you are a PUBG player, do share thoughts/insights on your expectations from the riot shield such as its capability to dodge bullets.

In related PUBG developments, the custom PUBG stunt contest is now live, if you think that you could perform wacky stunts in Vikendi, do capture videos of these and share here to stand a chance at winning a PUBG PS4 bundle designed by Nate Abell.

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