PUBG: Second Iteration Of Vikendi Scavenger Hunt Now Live For Xbox One

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  • These second set of challenges represent a new set of goals
  • PUBG Vikendi Scanvenger Hunt would remain in force till February 3 2019

If you are a gamer owning Xbox One consoles, and playing PUBG on the device, do check out the new second Vikendi Scavenger Hunt that is now live. These second set of challenges represent a new set of goals, and these are already live as of now and would remain in force till February 3 2019.

If you are an early adapter, click here to navigate to the official PUBG community portal to start the challenge that involves you to identify locations of screenshots already captured in Vikendi.

Once the above is achieved, you could navigate to the location of the screenshots and capture your own screenshot of the location and upload them at the location. Then, share your screenshots along with your Gamertag by clicking here.

Upon submission of the screenshots, as detailed above, you would receive a customized Pink Snow Beanie glasses.

To check out full rewards, in case you become the first player to submit appropriate screenshots indicating the correct locations, click here.

In related PUBG updates, the Vikendi Stunt Challenge for Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) pro users is now live and is offering a PS4 Pro PUBG bundle designed by Nate Abell. To enter this contest, you should share videos of wacky stunts that you manage to resort to within Vikendi. Once you have the videos, click here to share these to the folks at PUBG, by checking out detailed information.

The Other major development has been the zombies mode, which is now rumoured by a renowned tipster to come to the fore before the second week of February 2019; that is not far away from now. Zombies into PUBG Mobile potentially means introduction of increased gore and new in-game characters (from Resident Evil 2). If you are new to Vikendi, the map introduces a 6x6 island that lets you make use of a plethora of newer enhancements such as a new weapon, new snow weather, newer vehicle, skins, and more. Click here to check out this list in detail.

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