PUBG: Uninhabited-City Like Map Conceptualised, Makes Sense To Seed To The Game In The Near Future


It makes sense to seed PUBG with the uninhabited city a.k.a abandoned city map; deviating from the current snow weather and desert extremes.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

PUBG, which has constantly been the subject of attention across the world due to various rumoured in-game add-ons, could get another map in 2019. New concepts of the map have now reportedly surfaced, and these point at an abandoned-city like concept.

As per renowned PUBG tipster Slick PUBG who through a YouTube video, quotes Peridonkle – creator of the apparent abandoned city map, and data miner AllTheNewsIsGoodNews, the concept could be a value addition considering the fact that there could be potentially closer to life experience offered in a city structure scheme of things.

Also, concept images of the abandoned city map have surfaced via the above sources; and gauging these, it is imminent that once official the gameplay could get intuitive. Also, there could be an underground metro arrangement in the city (could be abandoned) courtesy another concept image. Even the renowned data miner going by the moniker AllTheNewsIsGoodNews has thrown light on what could be loosely termed as an “uninhabited urban center”. These images though conceptual, could be relevant once released; as a city-like setting has been a requirement expressed, by PUBG players, on various forums. In this regard, PUBG players could hare thoughts on a potential uninhabited city like map potentially hitting PUBG in the near future.

At this juncture, PUBG has been seeded with the snow map that introduces a ton of enhancements to the gameplay such as new vehicle, new weapon, custom weather, and newer skins. Also, Vikendi is a 6x6 island that has recently unlocked for gamers owning Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One consoles across the world. There are also newer mechanisms for parachuting, upgrading firearms, along with being to able to report in-game cheating more efficiently.

On the other hand, the mobile version of PUBG; termed PUBG Mobile has also seemingly turned out to be popular; in India, multiple sections of people have been seeking a ban on the game apparently to offset any potential negative effects.

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