PUBG Update 4.3 Now Live, Server Maintenance Complete


The update 4.3 to PUBG PC is now incoming. The live server maintenance is now complete. This new update 4.3 brings along a host of new features. Check these out

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The update 4.3 to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) PC is now incoming. The live server maintenance is now complete. This new update 4.3 brings along a new Survival Mastery feature, the DBS Shotgun, and enhancements of the zombie mode. If you play PUBG on PCs do check out the new update now.  

PUBG PC Update 4.3

As far as the enhancements, of the update 4.3, is concerned; the new Survival Mastery system lets players sharpen their in-game PUBG skills. There would also be new rewards. You could earn more XP by mastering skills through the survival mastery mode in situations such as looting, combat while reviving a teammate, and when using items during combat. You could also check out your recent survival playstyle by navigating to Mastery > Survival tab.  

The new weapon – DBS shotgun is a double-barrel shotgun. This new gun should inflict damage bursts within short spans of time. You could click here to check out the other new conventional enhancements within the update 4.3 to PUBG PC. Finally, there are the normal bug fixes as well as performance enhancements.  

In related PUBG news, the latest PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Fall Split 2019 is currently in the Regional Finals stage for the South Asia region. India has been clubbed in the South Asia region. There are as many as 32 teams from the country vying for the championships crown. This represents a potential opportunity for professional PUBG Mobile teams to go for gold. If you are a PUBG Mobile loyalist in India, do rally behind the players from India. The local PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019 tournament is also in progress; click here to check out how the team from Pune performed in the qualifiers.  

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