Red Dead Online Seems To Be Hit By Scary "Dead Horses" Glitch As A Result Of Duplication Bug, Do Check Out

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Red Dead Online seems to be hit by scary "Dead Horses"

If you have been a Red Dead Online player – which is the multiplayer variant of the popular Red Dead Redemption 2, then it seems like there is a dead horses glitch seemingly appearing weird with a lot of visual disturbance. To start with, the new glitch brings to fore multiple burned horses outside the Valentine Town Auction Yard.  

As per noted tipster going by the YouTube moniker MrBossFTW via his new video, the dead horses glitches is apparently a result of the duplication bug. MrBossFTW also quotes Reddit posts that have indicated dead horses. In case you have encountered this bug/glitch, do try shooting near the dead horses and let us know if you were able to hear loud sounds as soon as you have shot.  

The dead horses glitch looks extremely weird and scary, with the tipster even stating that he has received queries from players wanting to know if the dead horses opened the doorways to Guarma. This is due to a video shared on the official Red Dead Online subreddit by another tipster that indicates both the character and the live horse falling into what seems like the abyss. Do check out this video here to watch from 2:33 to 2:39).  

At this juncture, it is not known if Rockstar has released a fix for the apparent duplication glitch. Also, there have been reports about the dead horses glitch exhibiting more severity on PlayStation 4 (PS4). Hence, if you are on consoles/PCs having experienced this glitch, do let us know in our comments section below.  

MrBossFTW also mentions about performance issues originating as a result of the apparent dead horses glitch. Reported performance issues include the likes of variations in frame rate and problems with animals spawning.  

In fact, it also seems that issues have seemingly been plaguing essential in-game processes such as hunting and fishing. Finally,  it becomes desirable for Rockstar to take stock of the dead horses situation (and others) and release quick fixes. 

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