PUBG Season 5 Seeding On 23 October, To PC Gamers


The Season 5 update to PUBG PC has now been officially showcased. This is slated to be seeded in the near future. Check this update out on 23 October.

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 The Season 5 update to PUBG PC has now been officially showcased and teased. This is slated to be seeded in the near future. In fact, there is also an exact date signifying the release of the Season 5. This is 23 October.  

Season 5 update to PUBG PC

 Going by the official teaser, PUBG Season 5 would introduce newer pace to the game. This means that players would have more ways to finish games and destroy opponents mercilessly. This is without resorting to the use of illegal hacks/cheat codes. “The sound of footsteps. The roar of engines. The spraying of guns. The squeal of tires. The horns sounding the charge,” explain folks at PUBG Mobile in the official Season 5 update teaser.  

At this juncture, the anticipation for the Season 5 update to PUBG PC has also generated immense interest. This is evident by reactions on social media to the update. In this regard, check out below, the official teaser of PUBG Season 5. Remember that this update is applicable only for PUBG PC players. The official teaser and social media (twitter) reactions from players are below. 





In related PUBG-update news, the mobile version of PUBG – PUBG Mobile has been receiving the Update 0.15.0 ledge grab update. This introduces the ledge grab feature that lets players play the game a tad unconventionally. Then, there are newer weapons like the Desert Eagle pistol, and more. There is also a BRDM-2 amphibious tank to protect players’ in-game characters.  

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