Spotify Just Became More Like Instagram, Thanks To This New Story-like Feature


Spotify is looking to bridge the gap between Spotify and Instagram by adding a new feature called Storyline - Spotify’s own spin to Instagram-style ephemeral stories

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Apps have now become an integral part of our lives and their functions and capabilities keep getting better over time. Well, depending upon the user’s interest, app developers add new features, in some cases, inspired by their competitors as we have seen in the past. That’s what makes this whole competition even more exciting (or should we say crowded?)

Now, music-streaming app Spotify is looking to bridge the gap between Spotify and Instagram by adding a new feature called ‘Storyline.’ Spotify ‘Storyline’ is Spotify’s own spin to Instagram-style ephemeral stories - but for artists.


According to reports, Spotify has quietly added Storyline feature to its app that takes Spotify’s partnership with Genius, the world’s biggest collection of song lyrics, to a next level. First spotted by Android Police, Storyline cards show interesting annotations and factoids in Instagram-style story format.

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Ephemeral content is quickly gaining momentum among users. Ever since Facebook-owned Instagram cloned Snapchat’s disappearing story format and made it even more popular in terms of the number of daily active users, there has been a significant rise in the number of apps adopting it. It also lets musicians add images to the cards.

Now Tinder has it. YouTube has it. In fact, Facebook’s entire “Privacy Vision” prioritises ephemeral stories over posts that don’t go away on its own even after 10 years.


According to Android Police, this feature is now live in Spotify version However, Storyline cards are only showing up for certain songs from Billie Eilish as well as Jonas Brothers’ Sucker. Storyline cards show up below a song’s transport controls on Spotify.

All you need to do is swipe up on the cards. It will provide you with further insight from the song’ artists. The Storyline card information is found either above or below the existing ‘Behind the Lyrics’ section. The section pulls the pulled from Genius and shows it to users.

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“It's been cropping up a bunch on songs and wanted to see if this is a new feature they're slowly rolling out or if it was an under-the-radar new feature. I've noticed it on SG Lewis' releases (specifically "Aura") and Billie Eilish's releases (specifically "bad guy"). Which artists have you noticed add them?” Reddit user said.

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