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TVOS 14 Release Date, Features And Other Important Details; Read

TVOS 14 has been released with a number of new software upgrades by Apple. Know more about TVOS 14 release date and TVOS 14 features here.

tvos 14

Apple’s Time Flies event turned out to be a success. They bestowed the fans with lots of new hardware upgrades such as the iPad Air 4, the iPad 8th Generation, the Apple Watch Series 6, and the Apple Watch SE. Apart from the hardware treats, Apple was generous enough to provide some heavy software upgrades too. Software upgrades for iOS, iPad OS, WatchOS, and TVOS have also been announced by Apple.

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TVOS 14 release date

TVOS 14 was unveiled by Apple alongside iOS 14 and iPadOS14 and MacOS Big Sur, in the WWDC conference held in early June 2020. In Apple’s Time Flies event, the release date for TVOS 14 was announced. The TVOS 14 release date has been set for the 16th of September 2020. TVOS 14 will be any Apple TV that has the functionality to open the App Store. This includes the 4th Generation Apple TV and Apple TV 4K. No news of the TVOS 14 release time has been provided.

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TVOS 14 Features

Quite a few significant improvements have been made to the new TVOS. TVOS 14 Features include:

Improved Multi-user support

  • The multi-user feature was introduced in TVOS 13 and has been improved for gaming TVOS 14. Users can now keep a record of their own individual achievements. Any game closed in Apple Arcade will open wherever it was left at for that individual. This holds true even when multiple users are playing the same game.
  • Support for Xbox Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive controllers has been added.

Control Center Design Rehaul

  • The Control Center in Apple TV has undergone a complete redesign. Apple has made it look a lot closer to iOS and iPadOS.
  • User profile options have been added to the top window

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Home Security Features

  • TVOS 14 will provide the option of displaying home security footage on Apple TV through the Homekit application.
  • Apple TV will also be able to tell the user who’s at the door with help of ‘Faces’ in their photos application, provided the camera supports facial recognition.


  • One of the most used functionality updates is coming to TVOS 14. Picture-in-Picture will help the user to view any video even after exiting the application. This will be extremely beneficial for multi-tasking.

Audio and Video sharing has been improved

  • A more streamlined method for sharing multimedia between Apple’s devices.
  • Users can display photos and videos on the Apple TV upto 4k resolution with the help of the photos application and Airplay in the iPhone and the iPad.
  • Audio sharing has also been streamlined and users can switch devices with just the help of a single button.

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