Update 0.11.0 To PUBG Mobile: Why The Moonlight Mode To Vikendi Could Be As Important As The Zombies


Check out why the Update 0.11.0 to PUBG Mobile could be important, just like the zombies.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

As expectations around the mobile version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) gets to an all-time high thanks to the forthcoming Update 0.11.0 that introduces the all-important zombies mode along with the brand new Bonus Challenge, it is worth noting that there is also the Night Mode enhancement that is an important feature of the yet to be released update, in addition to the others.

Now, since the zombies mode in Update 0.11.0 has seemingly overshadowed the Night Mode; it only becomes imminent at his point in time to list out expectations from the moonlight mode as well and throw light on why this could be just as important as that of the zombies (which could potentially introduce increased gore and violence into the game). Check out below, on why, the moonlight mode that would be applicable to Vikendi map with the Update 0.11.0, could potentially be important:


  • Introducing Visual Relief: Undoubtedly, Vikendi is a major map for players of PUBG Mobile. The map brings a new snow weather mode into the game. This is where a Moonlight mode makes sense considering the fact that eyes of gamers would potentially get to check out in-game settings that are relatively closer to real-life conditions; when compared to dealing with the extremities in snowy weather as well as the desert setting. These in-game settings have now almost turned out to be a norm within most modern games spanning across genres. Hence, a moonlight-like night mode should offer that visual appeal towards making gameplay intuitive.
  • Potentially less clutter: With the night mode setting in the game, the screens (of supporting devices) should appear comparatively less cluttered when compared to snow/desert setting where there are relatively more objects to deal with on the screen. Hence, the night mode could make sense here.
  • Increased unexpectedness: With a moonlight mode, and with comparatively lesser light, there could be increased suspense adding to the “what to expect” factor. Hence,e this could potentially go a long way towards building up player hype/anticipation towards newer things.


Finally, the Update 0.11.0 with zombies mode that is no in beta, could be released in its full version in the very near future. If you are a PUBG Mobile loyalist, do share your insights on your expectations regarding the moonlight mode (for Vikendi). Why do you think this new mode could be equally important?

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