Vikendi For PUBG On December 7: Snow Map May Be Seeded A Little Later


Vikendi for PUBG could now be seeded a little later than December 7. Launch of the map may not co-incide with the launch of PUBG for PS4. Do share your thoughts on Vikendi snow map for PUBG.

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PUBG Vikendi Snow Map which has been highly expected to see the light of the day during the launch of the PS4 edition of the game on December 7, could now be launched at a later date. This means that PUBG gamers could only see the three maps viz Miramar, Sanhok, and Erangel.

Now, this information is courtesy of an official Sony PlayStation blog post that has listed a standalone sub-section called “What can you expect on launch day?” with respect to content which players could expect from the PUBG PS4 variant on December 7 (launch day of the edition). Here, only the Miramar, Sanhok, and Erangel mps are mentioned; without any mentions about Vikendi Snow Map.

Hence, players may have to wait a little longer for the highly expected Vikendi Snow Map to be seeded. However, PUBG may have a surprise in store as well, and could just seed Vikendi along with the PS4 PUBG edition launch. In this regard, PUBG loyalists and gamers could share thoughts with us regarding the likelihood of Vikendi seeing the light of the day on December 7.

As far as other content, in PUBG for PS4, is concerned, players could expect aspects viz ranking system, event mode, and custom matches. At this juncture, PUBG for PS4 is available to pre-order; players could sign-up and receive the game as soon as it launches.

For early adapters, PUBG for PS4 would b available in the Disc, Survivor’s, Looter's, and Champion’s editions respectively at varying price ranges.

WIth Vikendi undoubtedly being the key focal point, gaming tipsters even resorted to some datamining and are speculating that there would be a frozen river within the snow map. This coincides with the fact that PlayerUnknown recently tweeted a cryptic graphic that apparently hints at a new Night Mode.

Now, it seems like these have to wait a while before seeing the light of day. Hence, it now boils down to December 7 where there may or may not be Vikendi.

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