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What Does A 'Yellow Heart' Mean On Snapchat? Know About Its Significance Here

What does a Yellow heart mean on Snapchat? Here is what the yellow heart emoji means on Snapchat & find out why does the fire emoji display beside yellow heart.

what does a yellow heart mean on snapchat

Snapchat has become a major platform for netizens to share their daily ongoings with all their friends. The interactive medium is known for its incredible feature where a user can share images, videos and chat without fearing that the shared multimedia will remain with the person. This is why many users of this medium find it as one of the best social media platforms for chatting and sharing selfies. 

Apart from this, the Snapchat app is also known for the emojis that appear on the right of every friend's chat name. This emoji represents friendship and how much is a person engaged with that individual. The more engagement, sharing of selfies and chats with the person, the more often the emoji keeps changing. Every emoji means something and every emoji helps a user understand how strong Snapchat friendship they have with someone. These emojis are time-based and are directly proportional to how you interact with a friend. Many people wonder what does a Yellow heart mean on Snapchat. Here is everything you need to know.

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What does a Yellow heart mean on Snapchat?

According to many reports, Yellow colour and yellow coloured objects signify happiness and friendship. This is why many people share yellow roses on many occasions while gifting a friend. However, yellow heart on Snapchat appears next to a friend when you are #1 best friends with each other. This means that you send the most snaps to this friend daily and they reciprocate in the same way to you. This shows that you and your friend are entirely engaged in Snapchat and keep sharing selfies and videos more often than most of the friends in your friend's list.

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The Fire emoji represents that you and your friend are on a Snapstreak. This means that you have snapped this person every day and they have snapped you back. If the Fire emoji appears next to the Yellow heart emoji then it means that you are on a Snapstreak with your Snapchat best friend.

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