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What Is KissAsian App? All About Online Platform Streaming Content From Japan And Korea

What is Kissasian app? It is one of the most popular online-based platforms where the users can watch movies, tv-series, etc in HD quality for free.

what is kissasian app

One of the known online-based platforms where the users can watch movies, tv-series, etc in HD quality for free is the Kiss Asian platform. The majority of content on this website is mainly for viewers from Asia and the movies and tv shows are from Japan, Korea and China. The content here is available in the original language, but there is also an option to read English subtitles in almost every movie or TV series. 

What is KissAsian App?

There are many sites and apps that are similar to Kiss Asian, and all these are illegal (including Kiss Asian), as the content on these sites are stolen from different places. In many countries, it is illegal to access and watch pirated content so it is better to use a VPN service to access them safely, although it is advisable to not use such websites and apps ever and instead use a subscription-based service like Hulu or Netflix, etc.

Best KissAsian Collection List

  • You Are My Hero (2021)
  • Beyond Light Years
  • Kiken na Venus (2020)
  • Irandu (2021)
  • So Young (Chinese Drama)
  • Phoenix (2020)
  • Not Yet Thirty (2021)
  • Times (2021)
  • HIStory4: Close to You
  • Storm Eye (2021)
  • Rattan (2021)
  • Revolutionary Sisters (2021)
  • Two Souls in One (2021)
  • Palace of Devotion (2021)
  • Road to Rebirth (2021)
  • A Love Story: You Are the Greatest Happiness of My Life (2021)
  • Beyond Evil (2021)
  • Vincenzo (2021)
  • Red Eyes: Kanshi Sousa-han
  • Killer And Healer (2021)
  • Somehow Family
  • Nijiiro Karute (2021)
  • Brothers (2021)
  • Young Sherlock
  • Koo Za Rot Zab
  • Hamura Akira – Sekai de Mottomo Fuunna Tantei
  • Koo Zaros Zaap
  • Keihan Ensen Monogatari
  • Nile Perch Girls’ Association
  • Mokomi: Kanojo Chotto Hendakedo
  • 24 JAPAN (2020)
  • The Cupid Coach (2021)
  • The Penthouse 2: War in Life (2021)
  • Awaiting Kirin (Kirin ga Kuru)
  • Edo Moiselle (2021)
  • Remember My Boy (2021)
  • Ore no Ie no Hanashi (2021)
  • An no Ririkku: Sakuragi An Haiku Hajimetemimashita
  • Love of Summer Night
  • Boku to Tsuchinoko no Ikkagetsu (2021)
  • Nishiogikubo Mitsuboshi Youshudou (2021)
  • Seiyuu Tantei (2021)
  • Anonymous: Keishicho ”Yubisatsujin” Taisakushitsu
  • 1000 Stars (2021)
  • Word of Honor (2021)
  • A Good Supper (2021)
  • No Matter What (2020)
  • Miss Monte-Cristo (2021)
  • Mae Krua Kon Mai (2021)
  • Talay Luang (2021)
  • Familiar Wife (Shitteru Waifu)
  • Will You Leave? (2021)
  • Ping Pong Life (2021)
  • You Make Me Dance (2021)
  • Girl2K (2021)
  • Royal Nirvana Special (2020)

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