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What Is Seva Sindhu App? Know How To Register For Inter-state Travel

What is the Seva Sindhu app? Here is everything you need to know about the Seva Sindhu app and how you can apply for inter-state travel through the portal.

what is the seva sindhu app

The Coronavirus pandemic has become a matter of international concern and many nations have put themselves under lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus. People are protecting themselves by practicing social distancing. It has become important for the government to test as many people as they can and find out more confirmed cases. While it is a challenge to screen as many people as possible, the government is also looking forward to sending migrant workers, students and other back to their home state during this lockdown. To fight against the dangers of COVID-19 that is not only affecting the health of the people but is also the reason behind many daily wage earners sitting at home without a livelihood, the Karnataka government has officially launched an application called Seva Sindhu app that will help the government provide inter-state travel facility.

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What is the Seva Sindhu app?

Seva Sindhu app has been launched by the Karnataka Government to help inter-State travel during this lockdown. The Seva Sindhu was initially launched as an asset to provide online governmental services to the people residing in the state. The Seva Sindhu Covid-related objective is to provide Government services in a cashless, faceless, and paperless manner. In addition to this, the app and the website also provide help to migrant workers to find travel services to reach back to Karnataka or go back to their home state during the third phase of lockdown. Interested people have to register their name, residential address and mobile number on

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How to apply for inter-state travel with Seva Sindhu registration process

  • Go to the Seva Sindhu app or


  • Tap on "Covid-19: Apply here to travel to other Indian states from Karnataka" or "Covid-19: Apply here to travel to Karnataka from other Indian states"


  • Now, fill all the Traveller Details which include name, mobile number, gender, age, Aadhar number and more.


  • Now fill Address details which include the present state details and details of the state that you wish to travel to.


  • Now choose if you need travel assistance from the government or do you have your own arrangements.
  • Then fulfil the health criteria on the website by providing Quarantine related details.
  • Accept that the information that you have provided is correct and apply. With this, you have successfully applied for inter-state travel through the Seva Sindhu portal.

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