WhatsApp Support Ending Soon For Windows Phones: Could This Be Positive Development

Written By Tech Desk | Mumbai | Published:

Now that you are familiar about WhatsApp dropping support for the older Microsoft Windows Phone operating system from 31 December 2019, it is worth understanding the reasons for such a move which we think has been the right decision. In this regard, check out below some reasons why it now makes sense for WhatsApp to drop support for Windows Phone despite there still being some user base and with Windows 10 Mobile being the latest version of the mobile OS that seeded in 2015-2016; 3 years from now: 

No traction by the operating system (OS): It is known that Windows Phone is now dead, and Microsoft has officially dropped support for the operating system. This means that there would be no applications for the platform – meaning app developers are now focussing extensively on OSes like Google Android and Apple iOS.  

With apps on Windows Phone dead and some withdrawing, it only makes sense for WhatsApp also to drop support for the legacy OS.  

Windows Phone – a potential nostalgia? - Now, we cannot say that Windows Phones would evoke nostalgia in many users having switched over to other platforms. It is possible that many users did not enjoy using the OS and hence would have switched to potentially more friendlier Android interfaces. Do you evoke nostalgia whenever Windows Phone comes into the picture? Hence, in such a scenario, WhatsApp was better off in dropping support; at least there is a near 7 “notice period” for users of Windows Phone OSes to migrate to other OSes to continue using WhatsApp.  

WhatsApp is on “other platforms”: Remember that WhatsApp recently made its way to operating platforms driving even feature phone such as KaiOS; this means that the traction of these handsets (KaiOS drives Reliance Jio’s JioPhones that are seemingly a matter of choice amongst even smartphone buyers in India. Hence, it is possible that these 4G-enabled feature phones could be outshipping that of Windows Phones. It makes sense for WhatsApp to stay on these platforms. Don’t you think so?  

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