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Windows 11 Build 21996 Updates Leaked, To Have New Interface And UX

Windows 11 build 21996 updates leaked, to have new interface and UX for users. Read on to know more about the leaked updates before the launch event of Windows.

windows 11 build 21996


For the longest time, the Windows operating system has lacked a suitable version update. In the previous six years, users have been utilising updated versions of Windows 10. Microsoft is holding a launch event on June 24, and it appears that a new Windows operating system is on the way. Just prior to the event, Microsoft had a Windows 11 leak, which provided consumers with a plethora of information. Here is more information about the Windows 11 build 21996.

Windows 11 ISO leaked

Windows 11 build 21996 updates leaked earlier this week. As they are a leaked copy, it doesn't precisely depict how Windows 11 will appear when it's finalised, but it does give us our first peek at the future OS. Windows 11 offers a redesigned Start menu, taskbar, and numerous other changes as compared to Windows 10. The leaked beta reveals a major revamp of animations, layouts, and features for Windows, albeit the UI isn't complete.

The following are some of the new features in Windows 11

  • Snapping has been completely revamped. The snapping animations are new, as is the user interface for selecting which windows snap to which sections of your screen.
  • Widgets are also included in Windows 11.
  • For Windows 11, there are dark and light modes, which are similar to those seen in Windows 10.
  • Many of the sounds in Windows 11 come from Windows 10X.
  • Sliding gestures and better hitboxes for touch targets have all been improved.
  • There doesn't appear to be a specific tablet mode in Windows 11.

How to perform Windows 11 download?

The Windows operating system that a user has installed on their device is updated on a regular basis. These updates fix bugs and faults while also adding new features to the operating system. A few basic actions must be followed by the user to upgrade the OS. Follow the steps below to perform a Windows Update:

  • Users should first click on the Windows symbol in the bottom left corner of the screen, which is labelled "Start."
  • This will bring up a menu with several possibilities. Users should scroll down the list of options and select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Users must first go to the Settings Menu, then to Update & Security, and then to Windows Update.
  • Once users have reached this point, the user will see a Check for Updates button that they may click.
  • The user will be given the opportunity to download and install any outstanding updates. If the user's operating system is up to date, they will be alerted.


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