World’s Deadliest Malware WannaCry Back In News Again, But This Time Could Serve As Inspiration To Thwart Digital Threats


Step up to WannaCry! By Guo O Dong via "The Persistence of Chaos".

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:
The Wannacry infected system - "The Persistence of Chaos". Image credit - Guo O Dong, Deep Instinct

Arguably the deadliest piece of malware in the world, WannaCry has now found its way out again albeit as a work of art by an artist called Guo O Dong, with the artwork being dubbed “The Persistence of Chaos”. The Persistence of Chaos is now on display.  

Click here to check out The Persistence of Display now; here, WannaCry is loaded onto a Samsung laptop – 2008 model running Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3. This device contains WannaCry along with five other deadly viruses viz ILoveYou, MyDoom., DarkTequila, BlackEnergy, and SoBig. The estimated financial losses that these cyberattacks caused is said to be nearly USD 95 billion. In the image displayed below, this infected host system is completely isolated and airgapped to check the spreading of the deadly malware.  

For The Persistence of Chaos, Guo O Dong reportedly partnered with Deep Instinct which is a cybersecurity firm. The most interesting aspect is that The Persistence of Chaos was also open for bidding. You could have bid for this “infected laptop” which in its current state might not be able to cause unwanted incidents as far as cyberattacks are concerned, considering that it has been air gapped.  

As far as intentions behind The Persistence of Chaos is concerned, the infected system apparently seems to be a real-world representation of the threats that the dangerous malware represent.  

“The malware of The Persistence of Chaos have caused over $95 billion dollars’ worth of damage, simply because businesses weren’t prepared for attacks they haven’t seen before” states a statement on the official Deep Instinct portal representing The Persistence of Chaos.  

In summary, WannaCry with other malware wreaked cyber havoc almost throughout the world; now, with the graphical  (and real world) representation of how this took place, having The Persistence of Chaos as a representation by companies near their entrances could help trigger inspiration to implement secure digital practices.  

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