You Could Soon Be Playing Apex Legends Within Your Android, IOS Mobile Phones If This Developments Turns True


Apex Legends Mobile could now be launched for mobile platforms.

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New battle royale game entrant Apex Legends’ hugely expected (by gamers) entry into the mobile segment could very much be on the cards considering the fact that the recent Electronic Arts’ earnings call reportedly made mentions about the game hitting mobile phones in the near future. This once officially accomplished could give other biggie battle-royale titles such as Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile a huge run for their money. 

Now, as per a Windows Central report, and tweets by game analyst Daniel Ahmad, folks at EA have reportedly confirmed during their quarterly earnings call about the game making its way to the mobile, along with setting foot on Chinese soil. Apex Legends on more platforms, on paper, should help in increasing the player database; but the USP of this development is the fact that it would be interesting to watch how the existing titles (mentioned above) would hold their own against Apex Legends. The latter, released recently for consoles and PCs, managed to garner an impressive number of players thereby making battle-royale players believe that the games dominating currently would come under intense competition. 


However, it is not known at this point in time about the mobile platforms on which Apex Legends would come to; would it be available for both Google Android and Apple iOS; or would it even make its way to the “other” platforms? Worth pondering over, isn’t it? 

Apex Legends, as of now, has already drawn the praise of PUBG; in this situation, we found another battle royale that occupies much lesser space within your smartphones than the existing ones whilst seemingly offering the experiences that these titles do. This game called Garena Free Fire is free to download and can be checked out here.  

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