Your Flipboard Account Details Could Have Fallen Prey To Unauthorized Hands, Stay Vigilant 


There was a security issue in Flipboard leading to unauthorized access, by an unauthorized user, to user information.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

There was a security issue in Flipboard leading to unauthorized access, by an unauthorized user, to user information such as username, password, and even the email address. In his regard, there is a possibility that your account could also have been one amongst these. Do reset your Flipboard immediately.  

Here, it is worth noting that Flipboard itself has admitted that the unauthorized access to user information involved the criminal getting access to user database containing details during the time period 2 June 2018 to 23 March 2019 and between 21 April 2019 to 22 April 2019. As of now, Flipboard claims to have addressed this issue on a war footing which also means that the onus is on you now to reset your Flipboard account password.  

At this juncture, you should remember that Flipboard claims to have encrypted your password via a custom technology called “Salted hashing” that eliminates the need of storing passwords in plain text format. Additionally, the salting technique reportedly ensures that extensive advanced computer science knowledge is required to break user passwords. Also, if you have created your Flipboard account after 14 March 2012 then your passwords are saved using the SHA-1 salted hashing technology whereas those accounts created after the above date are saved using the bcrypt function.  

In tandem with the above, Flipboard also states that in case users having linked their Flipboard user credentials with third-party services  involving digital tokens, then such users have nothing to be afraid of as all digital tokens have reportedly been done away with leading to still ensuring protection for information such as bank accounts, credit-card related details, and government id card numbers.  

Was My Flipboard account compromised in the attack? 

Even though Flipboard states that not every Flipboard user needs to be concerned, it is still worth changing/resetting the account password at this very instant in time. The content aggregator is still determining the exact number of accounts that were subject to the above unauthorized access.  

In case you have interfaced your Flipboard account/user credentials with third-party services, you may have to relink these. Do anticipate, custom notifications from Flipboard regarding the security issue, at any point in time. 

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