Android TV Could Soon See Integration With Google Stadia


New Android TV features, including the integration of Google's upcoming game streaming service Stadia, could be in works. Here' everything you need to know

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Android TV

New Android TV features, including the integration of Google's upcoming game streaming service Stadia could be in works. Over the next year, Google will likely provide Android TV users with some new Assistant features. What's more, a significant hardware release for Android TV could also be on the cards.

Google Stadia integration

Over the next two years, Google will bring some significant upgrades to Android TV, XDA reports citing Google presentation. Google appears to be planning to let OEMs add custom phrases to Google Assistant. The update will likely include in-menu ads and Play Store redesign. To recall, Google previewed Play Store redesign back in May. Google would deliver these features with a new update to Android 10.

Google Stadia integration into Android TV could also be in works. Google's upcoming game streaming requires Chromecast Ultra to work on a TV. However, Google appears to be planning something big with the integration of Stadia into Android TV.

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'Hero' devices

Google reportedly listed a “hero device” launch. It would provide users with “next-gen” smart home features, courtesy of Google Lens and the Live Captions feature of Android 10. With 8,000 Android TV apps by next year, Google hopes to offer a bunch of new updates in the next major update to the Android operating system. Meanwhile, Android 11 release is slated for 2021 release.

We don't know much about Android 11 features just yet. However, Google hopes to hit 10,000 apps and reduce hardware fragmentation. Google will likely go for enhanced, upgraded and internationally available Assistant integrations with the next major Android OS update, probably in 2021.

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It's been five years since we have Android TV available in the market. However, Android TV still appears to be waiting to have an impact on the market amid competition from Apple, Roku, Amazon. Nonetheless, we can't forget about the internal competition from Google itself, courtesy of Chromecast.

It remains to be seen how and whether the Stadia integration helps Google boost the popularity and market share of Android TV.

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