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Apple Watch Series 7 Experiences Issues With Fast Charging With WatchOS 8.5

Apple Watch Series 7 owners are facing issues with fast charging after upgrading to the latest watchOS 8.5. They have reported about it on online platforms.

Apple Watch Series 7 is experiencing issues with fast charging with watchOS 8.5


Last week, Apple released the new watchOS 8.5, along with the iOS 15.4. While the watchOS 8.5 did not come with a lot of new features, it seems to have a bug that slows down fast charging on Apple Watch Series 7. Several users have taken to platforms like Reddit, Apple's community forums to report about the issue with charging speed on their latest Apple Watch. 

According to a report by 9to5Mac, watchOS 8.5 seems to have a bug that hinders fast charging speed. The publication has been able to replicate the problem as well. However, reports on digital platforms state that the Apple Watch Series 7 is charging at an absurdly low speed. The Apple Watch Series 7 supports fast charging that can go from zero to 80% in more or less 45 minutes. 

Several users report issues with Apple Watch Series 7's fast charging

 A user Miguelarco writes on the Apple community forum that "after updating the Apple Watch 7 to watchOS 8.5, it stopped fast charging with Belkin BoosCharge Pro. It used to charge very fast and now is very very very slow (about 5% in one hour)." Another user simplytoast1 says that "I noticed since I updates my Series 7 to 8.5 fast charging is no longer working." To this, a lot of other users have agreed and shared that their Watch Series 7 is behaving in a similar manner. 

It is important to note that the Apple Watch Series 7 supports fast charging from only two-third party chargers and both are from a company called Belkin. Hence, there is a good chance that a lot of users who purchased the Apple Watch Series 7 would have invested in the fast charger from Belkin. While Apple Watch Series 7 does come with a fast-charging puck, it does not come with a fast charger.  

While Apple has not acknowledged or provided an official statement on the problem, it seems to affect a large number of users. It could be a software issue that is stopping the Apple Watch Series 7 to charge faster. Nevertheless, users should wait for an update from Apple, which looking at the widespread nature of the error, should come soon. 

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