CES 2019: 4TB Flash Drives Showcased; Would It Be Commercially Released?


The CES 2019 has witnessed 4TB pen drives that are USB Type-C compatible. Now, it is not known whether these would be commercially released.

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A 4TB flash drive from Western Digital (SanDisk) has been showcased at the CES 2019. USP of the hardware is its USB Type-C compatibility and relatively compact size. Now, this is an apparent diversion at the consumer event as there were hardware almost everyone of which was integrated with AI and popular personal digital assistants (PDA).

The PDA and AI aspects made products such as toilets, suitcases, and TVs smarter; now, the 4TB flash drive, as per a Verge report, may not be released commercially as details regarding its official naming and specification are yet to be made official at the ongoing CES.

Also, considering the fact that even weird gadgets got their nomenclatures and technical aspects made official (some of these devices are also launching commercially), it is only worth noting that the 4TB flash drive without official details could see the light of the day (or may not) at a comparatively later point in time.

At this juncture, flash drives offering storage spaces in the 1TB-2TB ranges are priced on the more expensive side. Hence, in case the 4TB drive does go official, there are chances that the pricing could be exorbitant. Here, at the CES 2018, SanDisk had showcased a 1TB prototype; this year's 4TB prototype comes as no surprise.

In related CES 2019 news, prominent gadgets showcased are flying cars, 88-inch 8K TVs, 5G integration within smartphones, smart pet robots, smart toilets, AI-powered suitcases, robot ping pong player, smart cars, Intel 10nm Ice-Lake SoC, smart fridge, and steam closet.

Here, consumer technology loyalists could share thoughts/insights on whether AI integration within aspects such as toilets and robotic pets makes sense from a societal point of view. Does this have anything to do with over-obsession of AI leading to complication rather than making human lives easier? Would AI dominate or augment humans in the near future?

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