CES 2019: Check Out The AI-powered Suitcase That Follows You Everywhere, Yearns For Your Love And Care


CES 2019: Ovis AI-powered Suitcase Follows You Sideways Everywhere, Yearns For Your Love and care.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

Till now it was known that futuristic technology aspects such as Artificial Intelligence and Robotics could be applied for the larger strata of society such as in healthcare where robots assist in surgeries, machines are also known to double up as house cleaners as well as gardeners; but now, robotics can even double up as suitcases and navigate on their own at airport terminals. This suitcase called the Ovis Suitcase has been unveiled at the CES 2019 and USP of this device is that it is powered by AI which can follow its owner similar to obedient pet animals.

Now, it is obvious that pet animals partake food, but the Ovis Suitcase (introduced by ForwardX Robotics) consumes power as well as owners’ time, money, and effort to get set into motion. The folks behind the Ovis state that it would be able to follow its owners sideways more than behind; also, its makers claim that the device would keep w watchful eye on its owners rather than vice-versa, so essentially, the Ovis would ensure that humans always follow the right path and potentially do not get lost. The suitcase would virtually “dictate”, harnessing its AI-brain, which humans should stick closely to the AI.

In case you tend to go more than 6.5 feet from the Ovis, then you are wheeled back to the device; it cares for its masters; through a smart band which needs wearing so that you are at a distance not too far away from the “person” of the suitcase.  What’s more, Ovis also sees obstacles through computer-vision to avoid these, even materials nowadays have soft/tender skins and a velvet heart which humans find loving and obsessive; you should remember.

What’s more, Ovis can be purchased; it is not only a concept, but a reality. Cheers to ForwardX robotics for giving us a loving pet suitcase which sets buyers back by $800 (Rs 56220 approximately). Your suitcases are not for clothes anymore, they too deserve love and care. In case you purchase the Ovis suitcase, do remember to give it a significant part of your bedroom or it could raise an AI-driven alert to the nearest pet rescue care.

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