CES 2019: From Toilets, Suitcases To Pets, AI Is Indeed Everywhere, Check Out Some Eye-Catching AI-Driven Products Showcased


The CES 2019 had many creative showcases and primary among these were eye-catching concepts that incorporate AI. Check out these smart concepts at this year's show.

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This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019) has turned into empowering aspects with “smart”. This focus has led to a multitude of electronics giant showcasing their innovations that are integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Amazon Alexa. Incorporation of artificial intelligence to make machines think and feel like humans has been a key focus undoubtedly.

In this regard, with Amazon Alexa and AI integration being the focal points; check out below some eye-catching innovations showcase with AI embedded deep to empower things:

Kohler’s Smart Toilet:

This smart toilet assembly, called the Kohler 2.0, comes with Amazon Alexa and AI integrated. It also offers users enhanced lighting and sound enhancements (for what is the natural question at this point in time). Users are also offered a range of features to cutsomize their toilet experience. Click here to check out more.

Ovis robotic suitcase:

Ovis harnesses its built-in AI to follow its masters around at a variety of places including airports, and hotels. It sounds an alert to its masters when it is more than 6.5 feet away from near physical contact. This means that humans should theoretically stick close to the AI lest it slip away. Check out Ovis in depth, here.

Kiki AI-powered pet robot:

If you yearn to show/obtain love from pet animals but do not trust natural lives (pun intended), you could very well check out Kiki whose AI lets it behave similar to pet animals. It takes all the cuddling, tossing around, and a lot of other activities but its not your usual ball of fur as it looks like a petoid (like a humanoid). Click here to check out more details of Kiki.

Flying cars:

As if to go ahead of self-driving cars, flying cars similar to those you have witnessed in comic books and fantasy movies have been made official at CES 2019. These are said to be showcased more widely by 2020; incorporating AI. Click here to check out other aspects about flying cars and as to when you could expect to see one flying above your heads.

An 88-inch 8K TV:

LG showcased these 8K TVs that come integrated with AI. It is not known as to when this hardware would make it commercially. Click here to check out additional aspects about the LG 88-inch 8K TV.

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