CES 2019: Kiki Can Be Programmed To Love You As It Is Now An AI-powered Robotic Pet


CES 2019: Kiki can be programmed to love you as it is now an AI-powered robotic pet

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

Drake can take it easy as one of the latest creation showcased at the CES 2019 is Zoetic Kiki, a robotic pet that is programmed to love you. Of late, people irrespective of professions have been anxious as well as ambitious about technology such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) dealing a blow to multiple human aspects viz jobs. Now, it seem like human life itself is under the threat! (pun intended) of augmentation.

A latest creation in the augmentation regard is the Zoetic Kiki which is an AI-powered pet that is also a robot (could it be called petoid - similar to humanoid concept). USP of the Kiki is that it said to love its masters back. The pet robot would serve as companions to humans; kindle it, pamper it and cuddle as you like. Kiki incorporates as many as 16 sensor throughout its frame that should recognize your touch. There is also a 4-microphone array with echo-cancellation for the robot to recognize your voice and related audio.

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There is more, a Kiki can communicate with another Kiki via Bluetooth. On paper, it is seemingly intuitive to check out a pet robot that acts in the same way as pets with life (not AI, but NI - natural intelligence). A prototype of Kiki showcased was showcased at the CES 2019; it is not known if these would ship as of now or not; but at this juncture, the question as to whether investing in a good companion possessing natural life would offer companionship to human beings? Or would investment in a pet robot with artificial intelligence yield in better satisfaction and happiness; is a sixty-four-thousand dollar question at this juncture.

In CES 2019 related developments, the event has witnessed deeper 5G integration within devices, major companies have reiterated their commitment towards making 5G a reality in 2019. In the event, there are exclusive tracks focusing on 5G, and futuristic aspect such as AI, smart cities, and smart automotives. Hence, these concepts are impressive on paper; but deployment is still seemingly a challenge as of now.

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